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Please someone buy me a smartphone

April 9, 2010

Why do I need a smartphone? Not because I feel out of loop, or uncool, but because without one it takes serious discipline to sit down at my computer and write blog posts and twitter updates. I admit, I feel kind of silly recounting things so far after the fact when most of my friends can just do it in the moment….Like “At LCD Soundsystem’s first show of possibly their last album ever and James Murphy just drank champagne and whisky from a water bottle”. See, you never got that twitter, because I don’t have a smartphone!

So, to recount what has been happening since my last post about buying a ticket for SXSW. Well, I went with my buddy Nell and we had a splendid old time in a hotel room far too big for the two of us (hello full kitchen and living room, where-are-the-other-people-who-should-have-been-splitting-the-ridiculous-expense-of-this-suite-with?), and we caught some amazing shows, including The XX at the Village Voice party (my personal favorite), Frightened Rabbit, Free Energy (much better than the last few times I saw them), Broken Bells, Major Lazer, and a whole host of other wonderful bands. We got freezing cold and tried to warm up with whisky at 12pm, ducked into random bars and Camel cigarette tents to escape Saturday’s frosty windy, and didn’t even get so wasted that we forgot what we did.

In terms of Syvia, the countdown is ticking. I know it’s been a while. Some of you may doubt I’ll ever make it to stage again, but mark my words, it will happen very soon. John and I amicably parted ways so he could work on producing, remixing, and conquering the world, and I found my musical match in Simone–the man behind Radio Krome and a killer musician and person. I am literally bouncing out of my seat in excitement for our live show. Paul and I are sewing dresses and dreaming big, the brand new songs are being shined and tweaked, and we are set to mix the song “Never See” for release in Norway on vinyl.

You can see, a lot has been going on, so much that I haven’t had time to write blog posts galore, but I will do my best to change that in the future. It would help if you would buy me a smartphone. Just saying.


January 15, 2010

Newsflash: John now has his own computer. Yay! I have to say, the claustrophobic studio we shut ourselves into every weekend will not be missed-and we are going to try and do writing and production in the comforts of our own home and see how we fare with that setup.
Although I desperately can’t afford it, I bought my tix to SXSW 2010. At least, if I won’t be performing I’ll be partaking in the beauty that is downtown Austin filled with joyous, drunk music-lovers. I can’t wait.

2010-The end of one adventure, the beginning of another

January 4, 2010

I know. I’m really getting off the bandwagon with postings, but here is the latest in the music biz. Sadly, my time as a back up singer with The Drums has ended; the last show happened at the Deauville Resort in Miami for the 2009 Art Basel festival–the same location where The Beatles played the second show ever in the U.S. It was a great ride will it lasted, and I hope that this will give me more time to work on Syvia tunes and other projects that come my way.

Even though John and I have taken a little hiatus while I was on tour, I’ve been working on music non-stop and hope to have some new tunes out there in the near future. Until then, you can check out a song I’m releasing called “Fight Dirty” for the debut EP of the Norwegian band The Clean Shaven Grins:

Happy 2010~

Making up for neglecting posting duties while on tour

November 2, 2009

So, I’ve been on the road touring with The Drums, and have had a difficult time getting hold of steady internet access and time to post about the adventures I’ve been having. Now that I’ve finally returned to NYC and have a few days to nurse a cold (thanks airplane!) I am ready to bed down and tell you all about the highlights of the trip.
First things first, Iceland. The economy may be going down the drain, but the people are still spirited. Our show at the Reykjavik Art Museum opening for Metronomyand Casiokids was incredible. The outing to the Blue Lagoon was magical, if you are ever in Iceland I highly recommend you check it out. It didn’t even matter that the rain was pelting our ears with bitter cold drops–in fact, it almost enhanced the whole experience. Mist, rain, hot springs, DJs blasting dance music, and drunken hungover music fans partying in the middle of a breathtaking landscape with beers in their hands was an event that I’m glad we sprung out of bed for. For some reason, all the photos I took of the lagoon are missing, but here is a shot from the bus as we were leaving Reykjavik. Iceland Airwaves Festival
Then came London, where we had some acoustic sessions for radio stations like Diesel U Music, and BBC Wales. Some exciting moments would have to be meeting Mike Joyce, ex-drummer for The Smiths, and having a heart to heart with him about the state of the music industry when we recorded some songs for his radio show. He’s a really stand up guy, who actually cares about getting good music heard and is interested in the next generation of bands.
From mishaps like our tour van’s headlights quitting on us on a late night post-show ride from Cardiff to London, which gave us the chance to view the colorful clientele at a random rest stop in Wales, to our off the hook, raucous gig at Koko Club-the U.K. was filled with good times. There was even an intimate dinner party at our pad with the quite personable Boy George and the lovely Moshi Moshi guys, where I drank so much wine I ended up lying on the floor…or so I’m told… I’m trying to get the photos of that unfortunate evening deleted so I can’t be blackmailed by them later.
This Saturday night we played a private Halloween party at a construction site in midtown Manhattan (made to look even more decrepit in the spirit of the day) and our next show is at Stony Brook University on Thursday. We just got confirmed for the NME tour in February with The Big Pink and The Maccabees, which will be such a trip–every major European city is supposedly on the touring schedule.
And that’s the scoop. You’ll have to corner me for more details, because frankly, this blog post is way too long. I knew I should have split this into smaller ones, but it’s too late now šŸ™‚

Back from London town

September 24, 2009

Gosh. Where do I start. Well, if you have been following my twitters you know that London was incredible. I had such a blast with the band, from French toast dinner extravaganzas at one of Coldplay’s numerous apartments where we had shacked up for the week, to a magnificent show at the Flower Pot in Camden–it was definitely a trip to remember. We performed in a video for Fly tv, did an acoustic session with John Kennedy at XFM, and recorded a live session for Rob De Bank at BBC1 (one can only dream of whose ears touched the headphones i used in the vocal booth), topped off by a packed show at the club with Boy George and Lilly Allen in attendance. It made the fact that the airline screwed up my vegetarian meal for the flight over, and the lack of phone or email access seem trivial. Then we returned to play a sold out show at Mercury Lounge last night, and all I can say is that I feel like someone very high up definitely has my back. Life is good.
I can’t wait for mid October when we begin our next saga of a tour!!

Amazing balance – Eskil – balancing high on Kjeragbolten Lysefjorden Norway –

September 24, 2009

one crazy Norwegian… do you think he noticed the view when he was upside down?

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Update and off to London

September 11, 2009

First of all, apologies for totally dropping the ball on blog posts. I’ve been twittering up a storm and I guess it just seemed redundant to twitter and blog, but I have hereby been chastised for not writing more blog posts so I am going to try and be better at updating. Also, I’m about to jet to London with The Drums (as some of you may know, I back up sing for them) on Monday for some radio shows at BBC1 and XFM plus a show at Flowerpot, so I figure I’ll probably have a lot more to write about when I’m away.

Last night, Erin and I cooked a celebratory birthday dinner for Connor (The Drums’ drummer) and the rest of the band + friends and finished off the night watching the finale of Summer Heights High–so hilarious, if you don’t know the show, you gotta check it out Today we shopped for clothes for our London shows, and tomorrow we play the I AM festival in New London, CT. The fall is shaping up to be full of exciting times!