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Please someone buy me a smartphone

April 9, 2010

Why do I need a smartphone? Not because I feel out of loop, or uncool, but because without one it takes serious discipline to sit down at my computer and write blog posts and twitter updates. I admit, I feel kind of silly recounting things so far after the fact when most of my friends can just do it in the moment….Like “At LCD Soundsystem’s first show of possibly their last album ever and James Murphy just drank champagne and whisky from a water bottle”. See, you never got that twitter, because I don’t have a smartphone!

So, to recount what has been happening since my last post about buying a ticket for SXSW. Well, I went with my buddy Nell and we had a splendid old time in a hotel room far too big for the two of us (hello full kitchen and living room, where-are-the-other-people-who-should-have-been-splitting-the-ridiculous-expense-of-this-suite-with?), and we caught some amazing shows, including The XX at the Village Voice party (my personal favorite), Frightened Rabbit, Free Energy (much better than the last few times I saw them), Broken Bells, Major Lazer, and a whole host of other wonderful bands. We got freezing cold and tried to warm up with whisky at 12pm, ducked into random bars and Camel cigarette tents to escape Saturday’s frosty windy, and didn’t even get so wasted that we forgot what we did.

In terms of Syvia, the countdown is ticking. I know it’s been a while. Some of you may doubt I’ll ever make it to stage again, but mark my words, it will happen very soon. John and I amicably parted ways so he could work on producing, remixing, and conquering the world, and I found my musical match in Simone–the man behind Radio Krome and a killer musician and person. I am literally bouncing out of my seat in excitement for our live show. Paul and I are sewing dresses and dreaming big, the brand new songs are being shined and tweaked, and we are set to mix the song “Never See” for release in Norway on vinyl.

You can see, a lot has been going on, so much that I haven’t had time to write blog posts galore, but I will do my best to change that in the future. It would help if you would buy me a smartphone. Just saying.

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