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Making up for neglecting posting duties while on tour

November 2, 2009

So, I’ve been on the road touring with The Drums, and have had a difficult time getting hold of steady internet access and time to post about the adventures I’ve been having. Now that I’ve finally returned to NYC and have a few days to nurse a cold (thanks airplane!) I am ready to bed down and tell you all about the highlights of the trip.
First things first, Iceland. The economy may be going down the drain, but the people are still spirited. Our show at the Reykjavik Art Museum opening for Metronomyand Casiokids was incredible. The outing to the Blue Lagoon was magical, if you are ever in Iceland I highly recommend you check it out. It didn’t even matter that the rain was pelting our ears with bitter cold drops–in fact, it almost enhanced the whole experience. Mist, rain, hot springs, DJs blasting dance music, and drunken hungover music fans partying in the middle of a breathtaking landscape with beers in their hands was an event that I’m glad we sprung out of bed for. For some reason, all the photos I took of the lagoon are missing, but here is a shot from the bus as we were leaving Reykjavik. Iceland Airwaves Festival
Then came London, where we had some acoustic sessions for radio stations like Diesel U Music, and BBC Wales. Some exciting moments would have to be meeting Mike Joyce, ex-drummer for The Smiths, and having a heart to heart with him about the state of the music industry when we recorded some songs for his radio show. He’s a really stand up guy, who actually cares about getting good music heard and is interested in the next generation of bands.
From mishaps like our tour van’s headlights quitting on us on a late night post-show ride from Cardiff to London, which gave us the chance to view the colorful clientele at a random rest stop in Wales, to our off the hook, raucous gig at Koko Club-the U.K. was filled with good times. There was even an intimate dinner party at our pad with the quite personable Boy George and the lovely Moshi Moshi guys, where I drank so much wine I ended up lying on the floor…or so I’m told… I’m trying to get the photos of that unfortunate evening deleted so I can’t be blackmailed by them later.
This Saturday night we played a private Halloween party at a construction site in midtown Manhattan (made to look even more decrepit in the spirit of the day) and our next show is at Stony Brook University on Thursday. We just got confirmed for the NME tour in February with The Big Pink and The Maccabees, which will be such a trip–every major European city is supposedly on the touring schedule.
And that’s the scoop. You’ll have to corner me for more details, because frankly, this blog post is way too long. I knew I should have split this into smaller ones, but it’s too late now šŸ™‚

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