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Mumford & Sons at Mercury Lounge

March 22, 2009

Not only is the music catchy, but the lead singer also has a beautiful voice and the four part harmonies are tight and performed with authentic feeling. I would describe it as a grittier folk music–like an edgier Bon Iver.
Marcus Mumford fronts the folk/bluegrass band (who I hear is also the drummer for Laura Marling, another London based folk musician) passes the ‘patting your head and rubbing your tummy’ test the next level with his impressive ability to do multiple things at once. It’s hard to quiet down a crowd at Mercury, and especially to follow a band like Temper Trap, which has a completely different vibe, but their first a capella song of the set brought the crowd to a moving hush.
Had to give a shout out to them for an awesome job at Mercury Lounge, it was a wonderful way to precede my trip to SXSW. Definitely of the best shows I’ve seen so far this year.

[Kudos to my friend Rob for the tip!]

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