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February 27, 2009

It’s been a while, but that isn’t to say we haven’t been working. Well, I’m still technically looking for a steady ‘real’ job (thank you recession), but we have been working on new and old songs since I last posted. Although, I did have to take a breather last weekend to escape to Boston and clear my head of February blues (and snowboard before I forget how to actually do that). While I have been tooling away at home on vocals and weird instrumental bits on all our songs, John has been educating himself on the intricate art of mixing.
At this point we have a bunch of songs, but we are taking our time to make sure that the sounds that we choose for instrumentals and the songs that we consider ‘finished’ are exactly as amazing as we envisioned them to be, rather than just cranking them out to get the EP done with. Now, when we go into the studio we pick out a number from a hat and work on whatever song I have assigned that number. It seems to be working pretty well, and helps with the invariable “What song should we work on?” hesitation when we get into the studio on the weekend.

Anyways, the playlist was due for an update because I have become obsessed with a lot of songs since I last updated it so hopefully you will enjoy the new additions.

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