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Happy New Year!

January 5, 2009

Despite the fact that we haven’t been able to put in the time at the studio that we would have liked to because of the holidays, this weekend was surprisingly productive and successful. Friday night was a wash out, since a meeting and a subsequent bar hopping tour through lower Manhattan meant there was no way we would be heading out to Brooklyn on the L train to work in the space. We managed to finish arranging a song called “Never See,” which we are both really excited about…especially considering the fact that last week we were both about to implode in frustration over how annoying our main synth line had become and our inability to find a good replacement for one of the fundamental parts of the song. There is nothing like the feeling of laying a bit down that just fits perfectly and makes the song come together…and then having it spawn more ideas of what you could add/take away.
Here’s to a productive, joyful and amazing 2009. I have a feeling it will be a crazy one 🙂

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