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a trainwreck of an mp3 for toi

December 29, 2008

I believe that line was in the last email I just sent John with my latest attempts at a song that I’ve been hacking away at while he’s been in Virginia for the holidays catching big fish that don’t quite warrant a citation, but are impressive nonetheless.

Yes, I’m aware that I dropped off the blogosphere for like a month. We were, in fact, getting a lot done, and I just got distracted and wasn’t sure there was anything fantastic to update people on. Well, there is this song we are almost done arranging, tentatively titled “Never See.” After a few runs under the mill by us, it seems to have taken its shape and we should be putting the finishing touches on it tomorrow. We are slowly but steadily getting a fair number of songs under our belt, and figuring out the next steps we need to take and walls we need to hit our heads against in frustration. Should be fun. I’m excited.

Oh, and we caught an awesome Friendly Fires show at The Annex some weeks ago. They sounded great and the place was packed. Have I mentioned how much I hate going to shows in the wintertime and dealing with people’s (and my own) coats in a standing room only area? Yea, not so great. The only good thing is it is a protective barrier against overly excited fans and their wayward elbows.

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