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Glacial Getaway

August 20, 2008

Sorry for the brief hiatus from blog writing. I was off in Alaska on a cruise, checking out the glaciers with my surrogate family before they melt into the ocean from global warming (the glaciers, that is, not the family). I definitely couldn’t ever afford a trip like this being unemployed and all (I’m working on that part), so I let myself relax a little and just enjoy the break. Even though I brought my computer to work on music, of course, I spent more time hitting the buffet and scheduling midday trips to the jacuzzi with my pina coladas than actually getting any work done, but now I’m back and ready to dig my heels into the music again.
I was inspired to write one song while I was away, though, and John and I hit the studio last night and I played him the really rough draft of what I had written up. Rather than return back to the third song we had been working on pre-Alaska getaway, we started playing with stripping away some of what I’d done on this new tune and changing the tempo and feel of the song to see what fit…it kind of went from an emo-pop love song to a rock and roll love song, but i really really like the edgier direction John took it in with the guitar bits he added. I guess we’ll have to see what we end up keeping and scrapping when we get back into the studio on Thursday after attending a doom metal concert in a location yet to be determined. Should be interesting 🙂

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