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[Updated] Recap on the weekend

August 4, 2008

[Updated By J. Majer] – Behold! The Light Of Inspiration!

We got a ton of stuff done this weekend, which was awesome and a relief considering how tough it had been last week for either of us to get any good work done on the songs. “The Rain” is now finished THANK GOD, and it sounds fabu. On Sunday, we were even able to slip in a few hours starting on our next song, “You’re On To Me” which we had some basic beats and melodies drafted up from months ago. I even remember exactly how the song transpired. I was walking back from the gym, grooving to my iPod as I’ve been known to do, and these two lyrical lines just popped into my head. What to do? I wrote it down in my trusty little black notebook intended just for these moments, since often I think up great melodies and lyrics in random places while doing random things.

Then, in one of our early studio sessions John started fooling around on the guitar and I was going through my notebook seeing if there were any lyrics that would fit what he was playing (or that I still liked, because I tend to write a lot of stuff down and then come back to it and cringe at the idea that at some point I actually thought that sounded good). I sang the lyrics and John liked them well enough, so *poof!* a song was born. Or at least, the seeds of a song were planted. We played around with some really groovy beat ideas, and even sampled some ‘negative space’ in my vocal track that sounded cool. Who knows if we’ll keep anything but it’s fun to mess around and just see what we come up with.

Oh. And here is our lovely mascot, the broken paper lamp in all its glory is still going strong.

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