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Chats Part 01: i’m just a me, not a blogger, read my lips

July 29, 2008

John: done
John: yeah
it’s done
sure is
uh huh
Ruthy: haha
ok man
going to grab dinner but i will check it out right nw
it’s funny
i would maybe even just say “a blog about a girl and boy making music”
Ruthy: i will post responses after the show tonight
John: you should bring your camera to the show
take some pics
and thenm write a review
and then post that and your pictures
Ruthy: arghh
i guess you’re right
me: you don’t have to
just a thought
Ruthy: no it’s a great idea
i should do it
am looking for camera now
John: OMG
you are a hipster blogger now
Ruthy: no i’m a lameo blogger
John: you blog
Ruthy: my camera isn’t charged
John: you blog?
Ruthy: i can’t use it!
John: use your smart phone
Ruthy: i have a crappy chocolate
John: every blogger has a smart
Ruthy: DUDE
John: dude
Ruthy: i’m not a blogger!!!!
John: due
Ruthy: like
John: dude
Ruthy: duddddddde
John: blog that shit
Ruthy: i’m just a me
not a blogger
read mylips
John: dude
Ruthy: no blogger here
John: like
Ruthy: dude like
go for your hipster run
and blog baout it
John: OMG
I went for this run
and like
saw some graffiti
and like
blogged that shit
blogged it I tell you
k man
i’m outtie

—-Post the posting—-
Ruthy: I would just like to note for the record that 1) I had no idea John was going to post this last night while I was at the Bon Iver show and he was wishing he was there and hatching nefarious plots of posting our gchat convos. 2) This is the least funny and interesting gchat we have had lately, so I don’t know why he posted it. 3) I literally was running back and forth getting ready to leave my house pre the show at Bowery Ballroom and was trying to kindly respond to his chats without getting side tracked. So if I come off like a dumb ass, that is why. Thanks John!

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