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Stop Rubbing Off On Me! I’m having an outer body experience

July 28, 2008

This somehow became the mantra for this weekend. Don’t ask me how or why, but it seemed hilarious in the midst of working on our tunes this weekend. After returning to our song “The Rain” on Saturday and playing it for a friend of mine who stopped by to see the space and hang out, both John and I realized that what had sounded rad to us in the studio the night before didn’t sound as great with a third person in there (and especially in juxtaposition to the other tune we played her that we finished arranging called ‘212’). So, after she left John turned to me and said “I think we need to overhaul the song. It doesn’t feel right anymore,” and so that’s exactly what we did. We stripped away bits that didn’t add anything to the tune and took out everything that we thought didn’t add anything to it. For example, we had this sample that we manipulated to sound like a crashing thunder ball of rain, which we ended up dialing down a lot in volume and just using as a subtle build up to the chorus.
I really think that part of the joy and challenge to making music is being willing to completely disassemble a song you think you’ve finished, and start from just its barest bones to create something even more cool and bizarre.

Speaking of rain, on Sunday we caught MGMT’s show at Mccarren Pool, which–I’m not going to deny it–was even cooler because of the downpour you had to endure to watch the show. Granted, I wore cowboy boots so I was semi-prepared…can’t say as much for my friends with flip flops. Too bad we got too drunk to work at the studio after. I guess it was a pipe dream to think we’d be productive after an entire day of imbibing. I blame it on the free shots at brunch. We should have known.

John’s Update: After listening to the new track it really didn’t snap. I have always stuck to the mantra of taking away rather than adding to make something better. Yeah man, I was exhausted after the show. Should have known: Drinking all day lowers productivity.

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